mandag 30. desember 2013

To fly or not to fly
December 30th 2013
Mrs Geese knows excatly where she is, and equally well where she wants to go. She is at the hay loft 3m above the bowl with fresh snack in it. The only problem is how to get from the hay loft to the yummy food. Should she dare fly? After all she is a goose, and a goose is a bird and birds fly. It is not like she doesn't know how to do it. She does it almost every day for several meters at the time, but from this high up....that she has never done before. then again, that should give her a nice start off, right?
After a very long and careful conciderations the human gave up waiting and moved the bowl closer to the Mrs geese. 

søndag 29. desember 2013